CooLED LED lightbulb development


Alexandra Alexiou and Jacob Willer Tryde invented the CooLED concept for the E27 retrofit LED lightbulb and filed the first patent application in 2009.


The traditional retrofit format is innovated by adding a system of lenses that provide light direction control.


The lense system ensures optimal lighting performance in different lighting environments.


A traditional luminaire has internal blind spot's where light from a traditional round beam lightbulb is absorbed and wasted.


Lenses for the CooLED lightbulb can be customized for particular luminaires. Maximizing light output - reducing the luminaires light waste.


CooLED key innovations:


A customizable lense system for optimal lighting performance


An innovative ultra efficient passive LED cooling system


A state-of-the-art compact powersupply with piezoceramic components, based in the socket


Project Partners

The interdisciplinary CooLED project has specialized partners involved, with key competences for their particular tasks:


CooLED is build up around an efficient passive LED thermal management system

The LED light is guided through a Lense made according to the luminaire geometry

Low energy consumption and high durability in the driver is achived by using piezo ceramic components

Contact: Jacob Willer Tryde


phone: +45 4060 7412



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