3D Cooling - ELFORSK 345-020

3D cooling



The purpose of the project is to develop a new solution for improved passive cooling, in this case for LED products. Based on a number of innovative idea's, additive manufacture and excisting research. Finding the optimal way to integrate passive cooling into products.


The project will continue AT Lighting's documentet and verified experience in developing high performance passive cooling. This will be done from an empirical point of view by testing, comparing and choosing directions for the continued heatsink development.


The project is ended and got nominated to the ELFORSK prize 2015. See the nomination video below.

Dansk Energi, The Danish Energy Counsil is funding projects that develop energy saving technology for consumers. AT Lighting is proud of the recognition from getting the ELFORSK grant.


Projectname: 3D Cooling


Projectnumber: 345-020

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