The Anemo LED pendant

Cylinder. Compact LED spotlight.

2000 Lumen. Driver integrated in LED lightengine.

The desktop concept Pluto.

An adjustable LED table lamp shaped classically and functional.

The Aristo LED pendant

The Cozza LED Luminaire series.

Passive cooling designed into a surface enhancing shape.

Dialog 1. A system of independent battery driven LED light modules that connects magnetically.

The BLOOM LED luminaire family designed for Italian LINEA LIGHT s.r.i.

The Penté LED pendant. Designed with AT Lighting's patent-applicated cooling technology.

M1 Industrial High Bay LED fixture.

5000 Lumen, passive cooling.

Patent applicated Integrated passive cooling technology

Since 2009 AT Lighting has patent-applicated several inventions regarding LED and OLED luminaire and lightsource designs with integrated passive cooling.

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