Design driven innovation

AT Lighting design and develop cooling technology for LED's providing optimal condition's for maximum lighting performance, durability and long lifespan.


All cooling solutions are passive and silent. The optimized heatsinks improve cooling performance and reduce size and weight.


The Technology of AT Lighting consist of:


  • Optimal heat distribution
  • Natural Convection
  • Ideal product integration

E27 retrofit LED Lightbulb

AT Lighting invented at new retrofit lightbulb format based on an innovative thermal management system. The system uses the principle of a chimney with internal cooling fins. Hot air from the synergy of coolingfins travels upwards with natural convection and creates a continueing flow of cold air through the heatsink. The cooling fins are tilted, creating a vortex like accelerated airflow past the heatdissipating cooling fins. The technology is patent applicated 2009.

CooLED airflow velocity illustration



4 patent applications regarding passive cooling and LED's has been filed since 2009.


  • The technology can be licensed incorporated in a designsolution from AT Lighting.


  • Or licensed as technology.

Integrated passive cooling with airflow channels


AT Lighting has also designed luminaires with passive cooling integrated in the exterior design of the luminaire. Again using the energy of natural convection to cool the LED's. The technology is patent applicated 2010.

Aristo LED luminaire patented heatsink, Aristo LED lampe
Aristo airflow velocity illustration

Integrated passive cooling with surface enhancing geometri


AT Lighting has also designed luminaries with integrated passive cooling in the exterior design, using surface enhancing geometry for largest possible heat dissipation area. The technology is patent applicated 2010.




Heat dissipation surface

on the exterior heatsink enhanced with 30 % compared to a even shade

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